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2013 T3 - lights up, doesn't start

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As the title states, I've got a 2013 T3 V6. It lights up when the key goes in and is turned. The fuel pump primes. The starter, however, does not engage. I've checked the fuse for the starter, it is good. At this point the car has been towed to the dealer, but I'm looking for ideas.

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Any back story?
Similar thing happened to me. I was replacing the alternator on my V8, when I forgot to reconnect my ground cable. Didn't crank, but lights worked.

Maybe something similar?
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It does have an aftermarket remote start which it has had for 1.5 years...
Well... You have a starting issue.... And you have something for starting, that was unintended by VW....
Maybe the aftermarket unit is not functioning? Some kind of dead relay or something? Maybe the aftermarket unit is still under warranty? Possible defect(s)?

My SUGGESTION is mainly because it effects the starter. Otherwise, it could just be a dead starter. Have you tapped on the starter, with a hammer? It's an old school trick, but it worked in the old days. Might still be handy....


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