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Hey guys,

So my dad's car, a Toureg TDI Executive from 2013, has been having some weird engine issues lately. Being more of the modern car expert in the family, I decided I would ask around about it. We would have taken the car to the dealer, but the problem is so sporadic it never throws a warning code! Here is what happens:

1. Car on
2. A minute or so of driving, sometimes instant.
3. Engine clatters horribly, makes zero power and even misfires and shudders.
4. We turn the car off.
5. When we turn it back on it is fine!

To me, my petrol/gas engine knowledge tells me the engine is running too rich on fuel. This happens usually when boost from a turbo is failing to reach the engine, which would also explain the lack of power, but not at low RPM. But this is not a gas engine. The turbo is actually reliable. Anyone want to give me a run down on possibilities here?

A note: This problem happened once before when a rat succeeded in helping himself to some of our wiring. That eventually threw a catalytic converter warning however, and the problem was more frequent. It totally could have happened again, but something says probably not. I haven't seen a warning light, and that would not explain the restart fixing the issue.
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