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VOLKSWAGEN GROUP +30% (from Automobile Magazine)

The Volkswagen Group’s 2012 sales increase was the best of any major manufacturer, topping even resurgent Toyota. All five of the company’s brands operating in the States contributed, but the engine of the growth was Volkswagen. While the industry overall has seen its sales rebound back up to 2007 levels, VW sales in 2012 were running at a pace not seen since 1973. Interestingly, 1 in 5 VWs sold last year was a TDI.

Volkswagen +35%

Passat +413% (an outsized percent increase over the all-but-dead previous model, but more impressive is that it’s the Passat’s best full-year total ever)
Beetle +351%
Touareg +40%
Tiguan +22%
Golf/GTI +18%

CC -27%
Eos -18%
Routan -16%

Audi +19%

A6 +71%
A7 +37%
Q7 +22%
Q5 +15%
A5 +12%

R8 -30% (though it pains us to say it)

Porsche +21%

Cayenne +20%
Boxster +63%
911 +42%
Panamera +11%

Cayman -66% (that’s the old Cayman; the new one will be out soon)

Bentley +23%

Lamborghini +41%

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Not surprised... VW had the Gen1 Common Rail diesel in the TDI's in the Jetta's, JSW
s and sportwagens, and with 2000 bar pressure on the HPFP, and piezo injectors, they die like flys with failures. For Gen2 in N America VW went with the CKRA 2.0L motor with solenoid injectors on the 2012 passat, along with 1600 or 1800 bar pressure on the HPFP, and ad blue injection and SCR for Nox control and the HPFP's on those so far appear far less failure prone.

They did, however, on the passat, go to a smaller turbocharger, that in cold northern latitude weather in the winter, seems to have generated some bearing failures and shafts snapping on the turbos, the turbos experiencins failures.

Whether it's drivers hammering on the cars with the throttle on a cold motor, or more boost due to the cold dense air snapping things inside, or turbo bearing to shaft play being too tight, or viscosity of oil causing oil starvation problems, they are dying, so it pays to drive your diesel with a gentle throttle when the motor is cold until it warms up to full temperature.

I bought the 2012 passat tdi first in 2012, and it is what convinced me to get a 2012 Sport TDI for towing my travel trailer. So far, very happy with both, VW got a lot of my money in 2012.

Another very positive sign I read was that VW DE has cut loose the strings of warranty repair $ and management of warranty fixes in North America to VW NA in Michigan, which allows VW USA to respond faster with repairs under warranty and how they go about fixing the problem, be it sourcing another producer or OEM to make the part if the original is bad, perhaps even fixing the existing part, and or just throwing parts at the problem until it gets fixed. This went in effect after the car show in fall 2012 in Geneva. VW is actively going after market share in the USA. I understand there were 5000 TDI Touaregs that were produced for the USA market in 2012, that's 3x what was made in 2011.
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