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Hello folks,
yesterday I 'attempted' to change the oil in my wifes Touareg for the first time since we've owned it. Made a mistake by removing the plug on transmission pan, that was a 5mm allen plug. I said its gonna take all day to drain 8 qts of oil from this little hole!!!! After a few minutes fluid stopped running out and I realized my big mistake. I checked my drain pan and had exactly 1.25 qts of fluid in it. Car was sitting fairly level, and had idled in park for 10 minutes. As I have since learned, there is a 'stand pipe' inside the transmission pan, that sets the proper level, fortunately I did not remove stand pipe, so I am 'assuming' the 1.25 qts of fluid I removed, were what had been overfilled in transmission, when previous owner had it serviced at dealer. We are planning to drive the car 500 miles tomorrow, do the guru's here on Touareg forum think I am 'good', or do I NEED to have the dealer check and fill transmission
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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