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Like the title says, I have removed the emissions and have the highest HP tuners tune for stock engine. I love the performance and fuel mileage increase. I do understand that diesels smoke and will leave soot. My car is white and looks like I haven't washed the back for a month after 1 tank of diesel. Has anyone with similar mods done anything to the tips, rear air dam, etc. to direct the smoke father away from the car? Heck for all I know there may be a car wax that might reduce it. My tips are stock and have the outlet recessed inside the tip that has a much larger area. This seems to slow the exhaust flow away from the car allowing it to settle/stick to the back bumper and hatch.

I had a duramax with everything deleted and a big tune that would really roll coal, but didn't have that much of an issue with soot on car.

It may be the way it is...Those who might be thinking about mentioning the environment, emissions legal, etc. save your keystrokes or better yet buy me an Electric Hummer, I'll scrap the Touareg, and you can sleep better at night.

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