2012 Volkswagen Touareg TDI Sport w/navigation 169,xxx miles

Long story short: Bought this car a few months back out of state got a PPI. Either mechanic was dumb, lied, or got paid off but the car was leaking oil. Had 1.5k miles left on the Tdi warranty. Wrestled with dealers, got denied talked to a lawyer.... anyway this is my first VW and I'm over it, to say the least. I have full documentation from the dealers when trying to claim a warranty fix for the turbo leaking and timing chain covers leaking. The lawyer said since the issues were documented during the warranty coverage and it was denied you can still get them to cover it if you really want to fight it, but I'm tired.

I was quoted $2000-$2500 to fix the timing chain covers, but I already dumped $3000 into it since buying it a few months ago (got an inspection, and either the mechanic lied or was paid off by the previous owner but here we are) when I was not expecting to. Car is priced accordingly OBO.

The good:
turbo was leaking oil, so brand new turbo and related parts were installed at 167k miles. $1800
brand new tires and alignment at 169k miles $1000
oil change and transmission fluid change 167k miles $400

The bad:
The car started leaking oil and the first attempt to fix was a new turbo as described above. This fixed some of it but the engine needs to be pulled to reseal the timing chain covers. I was quoted $2000-$2500 to do this by a VW specialist.
Has some curbing on passenger-side wheels, and has some small dings/scratches on the body which is to be expected for a car of this age.