I haven't posted on this forum much, but I've found it useful over the years. We've enjoyed our Touareg but we're switching to a small truck for trailer-free whitewater rafting. I'll leave off all the reasons potential SUV buyers should choose a Touareg since you all know it. But, those descriptions are available in my Craigslist ad. Feedback welcome; please let me know if I'm missing some detail that would be useful to this community.
This is a 2012 with the V6 TDI. The last 5 of the VIN are 00370. We're in Boise, Idaho.
Our asking price is $15,400. It has 65,300 miles and is in really good shape. We're the first owners after the emissions fix. We’ve owned this rig since 2019 when it had only 32k miles. The original owner was in the Seattle area so not a salt state; the underbody is in great shape.
I have the Malone Stage 2 tune available. Also included is the PowerGate / Flashzilla hardware to switch between tunes. I used this Stage 2 tune last year and enjoyed it. I switched back to the stock tune for the dealership service (coolant valve mentioned below) and because the city mpg dropped by 2. Also included is a Ross-Tech VCDS Hex-V2 tool.
On the outside, the Touareg has a paint protection film on the front. This is slightly chewed up on the lower right; see picture. The dark gray paint looks great with no fading or bubbling in the clear coat. The VW roof rails and lockable cross bars are included.
The tires are Michelin CrossClimates that we bought in the summer of 2020. Tread depth is 5mm so a lot of life left. While all-seasons, these are rated for snow so you can cross mountain passes even when chains/cables are required. All the recommended maintenance has been done. The fuel injectors were replaced in 2021. The coolant valve to the heater core was replaced in 2022 so that somewhat common headache shouldn’t reoccur. The driver’s side valve cover gasket was just replaced last month. All work done by the local VW dealership. This SUV does have an infrequent voltage drain (like 2-3 times a year when parked), but that has been circumvented by a Battery Brain cutoff device that prevents the battery from getting below 11.8 volts. Just click the remote and run/drive the SUV for at least five minutes and you’re back to full charge. The Battery Brain also functions as an extra theft deterrent. The only other problem is that the passenger mirror doesn’t auto-fold. While towing capacity was a factor in choosing the Touareg, we’ve only towed a handful of times and all under 3,500 pounds.
Please reach out to us if interested. The title is clean and in our name. We’re happy to work with your bank if you want to finance. You’re welcome to have the SUV inspected by a third party.
Craigslist link: 2012 Volkswagen Touareg TDI Lux 65k miles - cars & trucks - by owner...