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I replaced the Adblue heater in my 2012 Touareg TDI my self in the driveway this weekend. I thought I would post the procedure I used since I was unable to find a procedure specific to this model. I did my work with common hand tools without a lift.

1) Raise the back of the Touareg such that the rear tires are clearing the ground by 3 inches. You will need this height to achieve clearance to remove the adblue tank over the exhaust. Make sure you use robust jack stands and chock the front wheels. Don't work under the car while it's on a floor jack! Safety First!.

2) Remove the two front 12mm retaining nuts from the black Adblue shield/support. You'll need TWO 3/8" drive extensions to get to them easily. They are easier to access before the you drop the muffler.

3) Once on the jack stands, use your floor jack to lightly support the muffler. I put a folded towel over the jack plate to keep from scratching.

4) Remove the (4) 13mm bolts holding the muffler supports tot he frame. Lower the muffler until the jack is free. The muffler will hang, but it doesn't seem to hurt it. Just don't push it down or around much. I ended up putting an inverted cardboard box (~10") under it to make me feel better.

5) Remove the (8) 10mm retaining nuts from the heat shield and remove it. You may have to push it around a little to make it let go of the studs.

6) On the left side of the Adblue tank, you see Four connectors. Since I didn’t have a manual, separating these connectors was not obvious. One of them is the Adblue pump discharge line. Seaparate this by pinching the white retainer together with your finger, then separate the hose. The other connectors are a real pain and all I can offer is that you’ll have to work with them until you get them apart. This is a real pain if you’re lying under the car. Be patient, you’ll get them.

7) Remove the remaining three 12mm retaining nuts from the back of the Adblue tank. You’ll need to manipulate the tank to get it to clear the stabilizer bar but you can do it. Oh, BTW, this tank holds 5 gallons and can be a pain to handle if it’s full.

8) Once the entire assembly is on the bench, disconnect connectors and remove the Adblue pump. You don’t have to drain the tank, but it will make putting back in a lot easier if you do.

9) Clip the tie wraps holding the wires in place. The repair kit had new ones.

10) Your repair kit should come with a new hold down ring. The old one did not want to screw off for me, so I just cut it off (its soft HDPE). There’s an arrow cast into the retaining ring – remember its position.

11) Lift the top and pull the rubber splash skirt. Place you fingers inside the plastic can that contains the heater and rotate it counterclockwise to release it. Lift it out of the tank and discard. PAY ATTENTION TO THE POSITION OF THE CAN WHEN YOU REMOVE IT.

12) Important: Slip the new splash skirt over the new heater can before you put the can in the tank.

13) Insert the new can in the tank, remembering the position of the old tank. When it’s seated, rotate it clockwise until it clicks.

14) Manipulate the splash skirt into place using your fingers to reach in and make sure the skirt is on the outside of the can all the way around.

15) Position the top on the gasket (it does not fit inside the gasket). Tighten down the new retaining ring by hand. Tighten to try and get the arrow back to its original position.

16) Reinstall is the reverse EXCEPT you need to crawl under the lowered muffler to tighten the two 12mm retaining nuts on the front of the Adblue tank. Why? You can’t see them without climbing under to them, so you don’t know if the studs are inserted through. If you tighten the rear three 12mm retaining nuts, it will be difficult to get the front studs through if they are not (school of hard knocks :serious:)

17) Once everything is reconnected, it may take as much as two days of driving for the computer to sort itself out and turn the check engine light off.

I hope someone find this helpful. Any advice about disconnecting the electrical connector and unscrewing the retaining ring would be welcome, because I stumbled through those two steps.
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