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Hello everyone,
It's been awhile since I contributed to this forum, and I thought that since we use this car ALOT, that our experience up to now maybe useful to others. We live in regional Australia, our minimum drive is 36km, so this car has been a fabulous buy for us. It's had issues, but the positive outweigh the negative so far.
The engine has loosened up to a flexible, fuel efficient beast, that has the grunt to tow floats full of hay, or trailers full of stuff with ease. It's the only car we have ever owned that our 2 mechanic sons fight to drive ?.The fuel economy is very good, I can generally get just under 1000kms per tank, just driving my normal style (I don't crawl). I replace front discs and pads at 109,000kms, the back ones still have some meat on them. We have gone through 2 sets of tyres, wouldn't mind some recommendations here as that side of it is work in progress.
Trim is very good, we do garage the vehicle, but the leather is fine, and nothing is rattling off. I wouldn't have brushed aluminium again (it scratches), I treat the leather regularly, but would have preferred a more durable one, Napper is lovely, but a bit precious.

Early in warranty period, the infotainment computer failed. The biggest issue here was sourcing the part. Australia being a backwater, I had to do a fair bit of agitation to get one. Tip: Don't go to VW customer service (where they give you a number, assign you a "case manager", and then forget you), write to your dealer principle, and get him to chase it up, as he has more clout.

Just out of warranty, an oil leak around the fly wheel bolts was discovered. Given that this was discovered during a service just weeks after warranty expired, my service manager applied for warranty from VW and got it. This appears to be a vulnerability in Touregs and Amaroks at the moment, where at assembly not enough lock tite is being used and the oil is getting past the thread. Parts were ordered, and we left the car with them. A mechanic they had at the time did the job and managed to misalign the torque converter and shred the gear box on the test drive. I have to say that that phone call left me queasy.. We had said all along to take their time. Needless to say that guy was moved on.
This was great news because the leak was still there 15,000kms on, and they had to redo the whole job again.
Soon after this repair, my car threw up a gear box error (which said I could drive on), closely followed by a Start/Stop error. I had lost the light on the selector, and the gear indication on the mfd display. Fortunately I was in town and gingerly drove round to the dealership. They immediately hooked it up, and quickly found that a switch mechanism that feeds information back to the management of the car and such systems as Cruise control and Start/Stop was heavily corroded. The mechanics were surprised that the switch was so exposed to the elements. I will try and get a picture of it, as this sounds like a design fault that will bite them back.
Right now I am waiting for parts, driving a very clunky car around, as the gearbox is running mechanically without any computer refinement. As seems to be the way with VW, one of the parts has to come from Germany and will hopefully turn up this week.
The tip here is keep an eye on your warranty and don't let it slip buy without getting your car up on a hoist and checked over thoroughly. The oil leak is just a weep and you won't notice it, we leaked 500ml over 15,000km the second time around.
This all would have been a lot better if the job was done right the first time, but **** happens, I haven't paid a cent for all this and the dealership has bent over backwards to get this right, and I am confident they will.
The car is such a fun car that perfectly suits our lifestyle and I am sure that once we iron out these things we will get it up to 250,000 without too many issues (knock on wood).

I hope you are all enjoying your vehicles as much as we enjoy this one.?
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