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I have a 2012 touareg lux.
I put music on an sdhc card, which reads and plays perfectly on computers, but when I put it in the car, not all files are read/present. It sees/plays many many files, but there are always many that don't appear.

Please advise me if you can on how precisely the SD card reader works, and what I need to do to achieve success. Is there a data limit per folder or something?

details: I have used a few different cards, different capacities. FAT32, of course.
All files are copied on my windows computer, in MP3 format. Currently, I have the music filed in folders; each folder has fewer than 1000 songs in it, and there are subfolders dividing further by half (labeled 1,2)->then artist->album->track
I did this because I read somewhere that no folder should contain more than 1200 files or something.
Thank you.
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