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Hello all

Getting the front pads, sensors and rotors replaced at the dealer on my 2011 TDI Sport. 150,000 miles. I am a satisfied customer as far as brake pad life. I drive around 80% highway, 15% local roads/streets and 5% trailering a 3000 pound boat+trailer with full load of fishing gear in the vehicle.

The brake pad indication light did not activate. Is this normal? The dealer said the front pad thickness measured 2/32" and 3/32". In Pennsylvania where I live the pads need to be replaced when less than 3/32". Maybe the Pennsylvania regulation requires pad replacement before the brake pad light activates?

Also had a check engine light last week. Dealer said it was P0404, and a "charge tube" was needed because it was cracked. Did some google searches and it looks like this is related to EGR? Has anyone had a charge tube or EGR pipe replaced, and was it related to a check engine light with code P0404?
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