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2011+ OEM Lexan Headlight Covers (New and Used)

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I am selling a set of new OEM Lexan headlight covers/protectors for the T3 and a used set. These would for sure fit the 2011-2014 Touareg. If the headlights did not change shape with the facelift they would fit the 2015+ Touaregs as well.

I bought two sets of these when I purchased the Touareg to offset the overseas shipping. I paid $140 for each set. The new set is still in the original packaging. The used set is still on the Touareg. I am located near Milwaukee, WI. Prices include shipping within the continental US.

New set - $120 shipped

Used set - $90 shipped New the covers come with a small piece of clear bra type material to protect the headlight lens from the top clip. I will provide a new piece of 3M clear bra material and will do my best to cut it to the same size as the original pieces (alternatively, I can provide a small sheet of the film and let you cut it).

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I might be interested in these, just wondering how exactly do they attach and why are you selling the ones off your Touareg if you don't mind me asking? thanks
These covers attach at the top with a clip that snaps in place. On the bottom there are two tabs that slide between the headlight and the bumper. I have these on my Jetta too and love them. The only reason for selling them is because I plan on either turning the Touareg in with the potential buyback or selling it on my own depending on the outcome. I've started to sell some of the parts I have in anticipation of that.

This picture I already had handy, it's for the Jetta set, but they attach the same way:
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