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Hello everyone,

I’ve been a ghost on the page for several years but I thought the saga of the steering lock is worth a post and may help someone in the future when dealing with the dealership.

I like most have had the dreaded steering faulty please park immediately come up in the dashboard.
At this point the car was sent to a specialist where they changed out the steering lock for a new unit and tried to program it however the old lock circuit board was fired.

Uk be dealerships currently charging me £108! That’s right £108 an hour labour.

Off to the dealer goes the car for a true dismantling and to fill my ears with nonsense.

Initially they stripped down the steering wheel and replaced the steering lock reprogrammed - 4 hours labour£280 for parts. Bearing in mind the lock itself is about £102 with vat to buy from their service department. They charged me for a second module a new spring bolts etc that aren’t needed.

They then spent another hour taking the passenger seat out to check the battery and connections - £108

Next day spent another hour checking everything is ok on the system as they still have no power on the car, at this point they told me that they have bypassed some of the start up systems to try and get the ECU to turn on. £108

Next day - Another technical enquiry and waiting for technical support to come back with a response on how to bypass the systems. At this point I asked yet again for them to try and reset the immobiliser. Apparently it isn’t that simple. -£108

Next day - Bypassed switch & ECU is now on, new guided fault has came back from technical support with the following:
Put battery in charge and wait til fully charged
Erase all faults
Switch car off for 5 minutes
Deactivate and reactivate relay (J329 relay)
Run guided fault log
Send back to technical support

Next day - got call from senior technician
He told me that they have checked all modules and he thinks that there is another 2 modules that are in fault one is £400 and the other is £500 and both are to do with the convenience control modules?
At this point I asked again for them to try and reset the immobiliser.

Next day - more checks

Technician told me the following
J239 relay - allows connection to control modules - energised
Checked terminal 15 on all modules to see what isn’t working (terminal 15 is the ignition supply)
Stripped car down to gain access to all modules to check the voltage
Asked again what are they doing and how can they not see that all modules are powered up. I have been told they don’t have Vag-com and the use ODIS onboard diagnostic systems and that they can not see what the modules are doing or if they are reading. Which I think is writes or lies. He also mentioned data bus - gateway? Again not sure on what that is.

Next day
Escalated from technical support to factory as they don’t know what the fault is on the car even tho I have specifically told them from the start the immobiliser needs reset.
To get a response from factory takes 1-2 days

2 days later factory do a remote diagnostics

Next day factory come back with answer that car requires a ‘hot fix’
‘hot fix’ has now enabled the functionality back to the car.
What VW are trying to tell me over the phone was that the Factory need to reset the Immobiliser as they not technical support have the ability to reset the immobiliser.

Total cost break down
Parts £260
Labour 17hours! £1836
Misc or unaccounted £52
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