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2010 Touareg VR6: Side View Mirrors -- heated? folding?

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I have a '10 VR6 w/ Lux package. I am wondering about my side view mirrors. I have read the owner's manual and have not found the answer. Love this forum!

So, the side view mirror control switch near the shifter has a 6 o'clock position that has a heater icon on it. I assume I need to keep the switch in this position to get the mirrors to heat. Is this correct?

Also, is there a way to have the mirrors fold in electronically? If so, how? (This is for parking on narrow streets and in the winter here in MA, snow plows just bust through without caring what they brake off of cars)
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My switch has heated function at 7 o'clock and fold at 5 o'clock. If you don't have the fold icon then your mirrors don't electronically fold. You have to do it manually.

And yes, you have to leave the switch in the heat position to heat them.
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