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2010 T2 3.0L TDI Engine Rattle

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Hey all, I have a issue with my T2. I was driving it and noticed a light rattle noise. When I stopped it instantly got louder. It has 93k on it and I have only had it since July. I changed the oil and filter earlier that day with Mobile1 ESP 5w-30. Yes, it meets the 507. cert. At idle it's pretty loud but when you rev the engine a little, it gets quieter. I have ruled out the engine except for either the timing chains/tensioner/guide rails, HPFP or ??? Here is a video. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chris

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Anyone know of a shop in the Sacramento, CA area, besides the dealer, that will pull the transmission or eng/trans to find the aluminum piece from the broken tensioning rail in the chain case area? I have called about 6 VW shops and none of them will touch it because it's diesel. I don't really feel like rolling around on my garage floor for 3 days doing this job.
Glad to hear it was just a water pump. Mine only had the rattle. The engine never missed a beat. It was as smooth and powerful as before. Why some cars have this problem and other's not is a mystery. My thought is the HPFP is causing it and will probably go out soon after I start driving it again. Luckily there is an extended warranty for that.
A bit if good news! The extended warranty company examined our service record in great detail and found we did too many oil changes. Just kidding. The dealer has done all the repairs and maintenance over the past several years. A perfect maintenance record is beginning to pay off. So we have cleared this hurdle. We find out more detail later next week. This has been going on for several weeks.
Any updates? Are they going to cover it? Even if they do, it would be a great thing to report this to VWoA and have the dealer report it to make sure VW is aware if this issue so an extended warranty could hopefully be implemented to help others and possibly get you a full or partial refund on this repair. I have notified VWoA of my instance and told them I know of a 3.0 TDI in a Denver, CO. area at a VW dealer that is having the same problem/repair. They replied with adding this to my record for research.
anyone have an extra 5 grand laying around? :mad:
That is awesome. I am glad you were able to get it fixed and covered under your extended warranty. If you could give VWoA a call and report the problem you had as it may help other people in the future.
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