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2010 T2 3.0L TDI Engine Rattle

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Hey all, I have a issue with my T2. I was driving it and noticed a light rattle noise. When I stopped it instantly got louder. It has 93k on it and I have only had it since July. I changed the oil and filter earlier that day with Mobile1 ESP 5w-30. Yes, it meets the 507. cert. At idle it's pretty loud but when you rev the engine a little, it gets quieter. I have ruled out the engine except for either the timing chains/tensioner/guide rails, HPFP or ??? Here is a video. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chris

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I think it's the tensioner as in this video, I can rotate the HPFP cog gear a little back and hear an audible chain slack noise from the back of the engine and the P/S pump pulley doesn't turn with it. I didn't like the route VW was going with it so I trailered it home. I am going to re-change the oil to the OE Castrol with another new VW filter and go from there. Does anybody know the serial number cutoff of when these engines received the updated tensioner?

Found the problem. After dealing with the dealer, I took it home, removed the Aux EGR cooler, removed the upper driver's side timing cover and found a broken Timing chain tensioning rail. It broke where the tensioner piston pushes on the rail. A place where it shouldn't have broke.
#37 shows how the tensioning rail should look.


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Well, like usual, VWoA says I am on my own as there is no current campaign for this issue. I find it odd that the part that broke is different than the new replacement part. Different material and stronger design in the area that broke. In conversation with a VWoA rep, they told my just because the part is different, it doesn't mean it was a problem. I call BS. No manufacturer will spend/waste the money and time to R&D a new part design for no reason. Very disappointed in VW.
Keep pushing. You are exactly correct saying they wouldn't revise the part if there wasn't a recorded defect.
I am trying. They keep telling me its not under warranty and there are no current campaigns for it. I told them well, you need to escalate this to your campaign department and get one going because I am pretty sure I'm not the only one. I know why it broke. There is too much stress on it from the HPFP.
Do you have a quote on how much it would cost to fix this?
From my understanding of the VW numbering system, the J suffix on that broken part's part number indicates that the part or the supplier has already been changed 9 or 10 times as the part starts out life with just a number, then the suffixes, as the changes occur, start with A, then B, then C, and so on.
The dealer wanted $5,500 and an independent wanted $3,000 plus parts to pull the engine/trans. I don't have that kind of money. I was able to pull the Aux EGR cooler, because it needed 2 (dumb), and was able to replace the parts, but there is one piece that I couldn't find which sucks. So know I need to try to hang the engine, drop the sub-frame, pull the trans and timing cover to find it or send it to a shop.

Thanks for the heads up on the part numbers. I didn't know that.

I guess I'll send emails once or twice a week and hound VWoA and try to annoy them enough to get this fixed.
Do you know if you have the same problem on both sides? Or both heads? I really appreciate your post.
No, just the driver's side that runs the HPFP off the intake camshaft. This is the same side that had problems with the 2.7L TDI and possible early 3.0L TDI's, which use the same fuel pump system, that the tensioner for this side was redesigned to what I currently have, which still failed.
Well..... I have the same problem, same side, same sound. Damn

It's in the shop now. They confirmed this issue and the are pulling the engine and transmission next week. It appears it will be a total of three weeks before we are back on the road again.
Sorry to hear. Did you report it to VWoA yet? I would definitely take the time to help to make this an extended warranty campaign and possibly get reimbursed. Make sure you keep your old parts. How many miles on your rig?
You have really important post. We are at 105000 miles. The dealer will have it completely apart by the end of next week. We should know all the damage then. :(
I didn't realize you had yours at the dealer. I would put pressure on the rep for that dealer and show them my pics and make sure you see all parts new and old and try to get it warrantied if it is the same problem. This is something we shouldn't have to pay for. It is a design flaw and should be taken care of by VW. If they wont budge, call VWoA and get a paper trail started. Send them pics and you can refer my name so they can't tell you yours is the only one to have this problem..
Anyone know of a shop in the Sacramento, CA area, besides the dealer, that will pull the transmission or eng/trans to find the aluminum piece from the broken tensioning rail in the chain case area? I have called about 6 VW shops and none of them will touch it because it's diesel. I don't really feel like rolling around on my garage floor for 3 days doing this job.
The engine and transmission are out. We are fortunate that the only problem is the timing chain tensioner.

So now we wait for the decision of payment from the extended warranty. I understand this will come on Monday.

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Hello, sorry to hear that you had major problems, but for others reading. I had similar loud rattle. There was no adverse drivabilty. There was 210000 km on the odometer.

I read this thread and had complete anxiety. I took it to the dealer with my 1000 dollar VW dieselgate cards in hand and prepared for the worst.

Turns out it was the water pump. I had that replaced, along with a glow plug that the scan showed faulty and changed the transmission fluid. Despite the cards, my wallet was still $1000 lighter, but I am happy nonetheless.
Glad to hear it was just a water pump. Mine only had the rattle. The engine never missed a beat. It was as smooth and powerful as before. Why some cars have this problem and other's not is a mystery. My thought is the HPFP is causing it and will probably go out soon after I start driving it again. Luckily there is an extended warranty for that.
Your are lucky to not have this issue! We find out if the extended warranty will cover this by Friday. Fingers crossed.

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