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2010 T2 3.0L TDI Engine Rattle

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Hey all, I have a issue with my T2. I was driving it and noticed a light rattle noise. When I stopped it instantly got louder. It has 93k on it and I have only had it since July. I changed the oil and filter earlier that day with Mobile1 ESP 5w-30. Yes, it meets the 507. cert. At idle it's pretty loud but when you rev the engine a little, it gets quieter. I have ruled out the engine except for either the timing chains/tensioner/guide rails, HPFP or ??? Here is a video. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chris

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Did you use an OEM VW filter?
yes, I used a VW oil filter.
If I hold the engine RPM's above 2500, the noise goes away completely. I also seems to be more on the top or back side of the motor.
Have it checked out by someone whith experience, does not sound good to me...

sounds a lot like rod knock from a spun bearing..
Looks like I'm going to have to have it towed somewhere. I don't have much experience with these newer technologies. I just don't want to send it to th dealer.
It doesn't sound good to me, I concur with PL69 that it sounds like rod knock.
Just a thought but did you get the filter in correctly? There is a peg on the bottom of the filter and the filter needs to orientate correctly then push it down into place so you get oil pressure.
As above, I'm thinking duff filter - it can happen - or it's been incorrectly assembled.

The oil change/noise arrival coincidence is too great.

You have put in the correct quantity of oil to the right level?
I spun the filter until I could push it down. Then I put the cap on it. I hope there is only one hole for that peg to go into.
I'd get a new filter and start again.
I hear ya. I am hoping it's not a major engine issue. When I put the stethoscope on and checked the noises, it seemed to come from the fuel rails. That is where it was the loudest.
I'd get a new filter and start again.
It's already on its way to the shop.
Thanks for all your help. I'll let you know what they tell me. Hopefully today or tomorrow.
I will echo what the others have been asking: "what has changed"?

It sounds like only the oil. It could be coincidental, but that's where I would be looking. The filter is OEM, but is it possible that the part number was incorrect? Did two rubber o-rings come out with the old filter and did new two ones go on the replacement filter? Is the oil level correct and does it match the amount of oil you put into the engine? The little peg at the bottom of the filter (as Newegg mentioned) is relatively unique to this engine
I changed the oil. Added the 8.2 L of Mobile1 ESP 5w-30. The filters looked the same and the new one was from VW. The lower o-ring was already on the filter peg and I put the big green one on the cap. It ran fine when I started it and when my wife left with it. I was standing outside the car when she drove off to go home. We were at my friend's house as I was reworking the upper end on his Offroad truck. I'll check the old filter when I go to my buddies tomorrow. It doesn't sound like a rod knock to me. But, i could be wrong. There also no cel or any other warning lights on. Sucks that there isn't an oil pressure gauge in it.
I agree on the rod knock. It's higher pitched, like a collapsed lifter or an injector. I'm not sure of the oil capacity of a 2010, but I thought it was closer to 9.0L.

It is probably not too difficult to put a temporary oil pressure gauge on the engine somewhere if you want to verify that end of things.
Sounds as though that there is no oil getting to the valve gear.
Turns out it is the High Pressure fuel pump and VWOA is covering it under the extended warranty which is good for either 10 years from the date in service or 120,000 miles whichever comes first. Just make sure the correct fuel was used and no mods to the car. It is a huge relief. It is going to the VW Dealer to get fixed.

Side note, my Treg is on the Emisions issues list so we'll see what happens with it in the long run. Call VWOA and give them your VIN to check for these types of warranties and emissions issues.

Thanks, Chris
Well, good news, I guess, the HPFP is not the problem :censored:. Bad news is the dealer is thinking the exhaust cam slipped time with the intake cam. I don't see how the engine can be as smooth as it is with this problem. I guess I'll find out in the next couple of days.
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