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2009 TDI with navigation continuously rebooting

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Ok after researching this and my eye balls about to fall out i have the following problems

Turn radio comes up to welcome screen for a minute or so then fades to black and shuts off.

OEM Head unit includes - back up camera, bluetooth and navigation as well as steering wheel controls. I have no idea what firmware update is on the vehicle i purchased used about 18 months ago my location is in North America. If the unit is salvageable then how would i go about fixing it. Should it not be salvageable where would i locate the wiring harness to hook up an aftermarket radio i have found the dash plate and the wiring harness for the steering wheel controls. I would like to keep the back up camera but its not a deal breaker. Thank you for your assistance.
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Negative had it sent out to see if they could repair it but they couldn't so had to buy a new one. Good thing is it's an updated version so doesn't have the same problem that the older versions had.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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