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Got a 2nd set of wheels and tires put on today with some non-OEM TPMS.

Got no reading on the way home because the old set of wheels were in the back of the trailer...ha!

We'll got rid of the trailer and drove around for 15 minutes at varying speed. The TPMS came to life but the values are whack...then the rears say low value/warning. I checked and they are to spec on all for with 42lbs up front and 48lbs in the back.


1. Will these get more accurate over time...say commuting to work tomorrow on the freeway?
2. In the MFD (red unit) there is the tire pressure function. It states the front and rear warning values...or as these specs? I'm a bit confused as these values cannot be changed correct?
3. If those values in the MFD cannot be changed is this interface just to relearn/reset the TPMS?

Or do I need an old school reset tool or delflate/inflate to get these sync'd up? It even seems that one of the rears may be getting read by the front as the pressure in the front left went up 7lbs when I inflated the rears up to spec.

Educate me!


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