2008 v10 TDI
Original VW r50 kit imported from Germany
Alaska Grey exterior anthracite interior
As of Apr 17 has 121,xxx miles on it.

Imported from NJ in 2009 with 6000 miles on it i owner it until 2014. It was sold to my wife's cousin. In 2020 his son was involved in an accident with it, allbeit rather minor, the local insurance company opted to sell it as salvage. I purchased it back ,March 2020 with the damage and had it repaired with all VW parts. It now has a rebuilt title and is back on the road.

Recently done (last month)
Both tandem pump seals
Power steering pump and return line
O2 sensors
Dpf delete and EGR bypass from Darkside developments with Malone tune
Propshaft has 5000 miles on it approximately.
Turbos have 1500 miles on them.
Few rear end bushings and bolts were changed as an alignment was part of the inspection.
Bill from vw was $6000.

The truck is extremely clean, the interior is also extremely clean please see photos.

I rns510 swapped the Nav approx 2012? There is a thread here if you search my name. I also did the non-bluetooth audio swap at that time. The 3.5mm jack does work.

Everything on the truck is in good working order.

I'm posting this for my friend who now owns it as just a feeler incase someone is interested. He's not super keen on selling it thus the price doesn't have a lot of room to move.