Last year I had my heart set on a T2 with air suspension and was having a hard time finding one. Ended up acquiring this from an auction in AL (for more $$ than I'd like to admit) - wanted to rescue a relative unicorn. Texas car (ZERO rust!), wrecked when almost new ~2009, rebuilt and dealer maintained by second owner. Was a bit neglected when I got it and I resolved all critical mechanical and electronic issues (no lights on dash!)... I'm selling because I just impulse purchased a 2012 Cayenne Turbo.

Features and Pros:
  • 18x8.5" Audi Q7 wheels with new Hankook Dynapro ATM 265/60r18 (take-off tires from a 2022 Ford Ranger) - these things are silent on road and work great off road. Slightly oversize, this is also OEM spec for Jeep Grand Cherokee and IMO should have been stock tire size on these vehicles
  • Brand new brakes, rotors, brake fluid flush. Akebono/Bosch pads (F/R), no dust!
  • Brand new upper/lower control arms, sway bar end links, bushings, tie rod ends. Front end aligned and tight
  • 4.2 V8 FSI runs perfectly
  • Transmission works perfectly
  • Air suspension works perfectly, love how this vehicle rides
  • Transfer case, low range, center lock works perfectly
  • Factory tow package with OEM tow module
  • Keyless Entry / KESSY works fine
  • Replaced rear hatch struts (common failure), parking brake strut, rear hatch works perfectly
  • ACC / Adaptive cruise control - this is an amazing feature now, let alone for a 2008! Radar cruise control works great
  • AFS lighting system with swivel lights and static cornering lamps. These are known to fail and I replaced one of them. They work so well! Projectors move with steering wheel on the road and halogen lamps illuminate when turning at low speeds ( love these headlights and hope I like the Cayenne's as much! )
  • Dynaudio sound - replaced blown rear speakers with similar spec
  • OEM roof rack crossbars (hard to find)
  • Hard vacuum lines (known to break) have been fixed

  • Paint work is not perfect, I polished the whole car last year and it's still obvious where the bodywork was done. Kind of the name of the game with these salvage cars. Some dents along rockers as well (honestly look like they are from careless mechanics/ jacking incidents)
  • A few squeaks and rattles in the interior, pretty common in early 2000s VWs in my experience
  • Sunroof gets jammed when you try to open it, headliner needs to be dropped to inspect/clean or replace it
  • Fuel door release does not work, needs to be pushed from the outside. Was not enough of an inconvenience for me to address
  • Have to lightly push in driver side door to get it to open, latch needs to be adjusted and replaced. Common issue, can see the fix here on ClubTouareg
  • Very slow oil leak from front drivers side of engine block. Most likely leaking oil filter housing seal. This happens pretty much like clockwork on the Audi 4.2 motors. May or may not get worse, should probably be addressed next few oil changes. Not a major job, intake manifold must be removed, seals/gaskets replaced, reassembled

Comps on clean, loaded T2 with air suspension are around $8-10k, I am asking $6500 which I think is fair given rarity of the car and new suspension, brakes, tires. Hate to admit that I am in it for more than this! No regrets, have LOVED owning this car for the past year. It's a perfect daily and my Audi has mostly sat in the garage as a result

These are just the photos I had on my phone, can take better ones sometime in the next week. Happy to answer any questions!