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Hello guys im kind of new to this forum thing and wanted to give it a shot for my Touareg.

So I've been having this problem since about two days ago and my car keeps going into emergency mode which means it show all kinds of failures on the dash and the shifter wont budge (the release button is locked)

It's showing:
ESP light
ABS light
System Error
Handbrake failed
Oilsensor error
and that a light bulb is gone but that was there before

I've called a Mechanic to me because j could not get it towed at the moment and got charged 50 euros just for him to scan and delete some errors which did not help.
He told me to get a new battery which i did since my old one was kind of "old" to say the least, but the same problems occur.

Whilst watching with my brother i noticed when he tried starting the car, no brake lights came on.
I asked him a few more times to pump the brake but nothing.

I'm suspicious of the brake light switch which might put the car into emergency mode but it has happened two or three times that i got it started without any errors or problems and the car working normally.
I'm guessing a cable to the brake light switch but before i do anything more unnecessary i wanted some advice from other owners.

Thanks in advance!

Information about the Touareg:
  • 2008 V6 TDI Facelift model
  • No Start Stop function
  • Air suspension
  • Diff Locking
  • No modifications at all it's bone stock.

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Sounds like you need to scan the modules for faults.
There have been a few threads where members have found corroded wires under the drivers side carpet.
Not saying this is your problem, just something I remember causing random faults when the vehicle was/is starting fine.
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