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2008 Touareg - Unidentifiable noise after changing front differential [Video]

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Hi everyone,

I had an issue with whining noise that gets louder the higher speed you go, but no drop in performance, went to a local mechanic and he advised that the front differential was faulty and had to be replaced, he showed me how it wasn't transferring any power to the rear wheels on a car lift when engaging the gear in drive and revving the vehicle, so everything went cool and I swapped the front differential with a second-hand one, and had to do some other maintenance jobs such as changing the front propeller shaft, as well as the front propeller shaft bearing assembly, maintenance job cost was about 1,540 USD.

After the maintenance job, everything went back to normal, the loud noise has disappeared, but I'm facing a very weird noise, that only comes on certain conditions, for example, it only make the noise the first few minutes of drive, and only when driving between 50-55 Km/h, and then it disappears, and then it comes again sometimes at 80 Km/h but much quieter, I took the vehicle to the same mechanic twice, and on both times the car stopped making the noise once the mechanic gets in the vehicle and I drive it for a test ride.

It's bugging me out and I'm afraid that the swapped front differential is also faulty. Here's a video if any can help identifying the noise:

Thank you all.
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Your video is private.
Front differential transferring power to the rear? Typo? A front diff distributes power to the front wheels.
We need a private eye to watch the video...
Your video is private.
Front differential transferring power to the rear? Typo? A front diff distributes power to the front wheels.
But what if you're reversing? :sneaky:
Do the front wheels become the rear? :unsure:
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I have edited the original post and changed the privacy of the video, now it's public, sorry for that.

And for the front differential, I'm sorry I have zero knowledge in mechanics, I was trying to do my best to provide a thorough explanation, the part that was swapped is highlighted in this image:

Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

I thought this was the front differential as per my mechanic description, he showed me how it's not transferring power through the propeller shaft and my stupid brain just gave it a front differential name.

Any help is appreciated though, and yes, what is the name of the part that was changed though? Thanks
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It transmits the power from the gearbox through the front and rear shafts to the differentials. Also provides the Hi-Lo gears
Thank you a lot, this answers a lot of questions I had, I'd appreciate any help identifying the noise in the video as well.
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