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Hi Guys,

I have a 2008 V6 TDI Touareg (t2) with RNS510 and the newer Dash display.

When i bought the Car it had a 3200 series Parrot kit fitted, which had issues and didnt allow a phone to be paired.

I've purchased an Mki9200 and set about fitting it. It looks like the original install had the original loom hacked about a bit with no adapters.

Anyway long story short, i've fitted the new control unit using the old loom. The Parrot connector had the same power inputs as the old one, so no worries there. The MKI9200 does however support music streaming, which doesn't currently work, because of missing wires not present in the old loom.

The existing loom has connections for Front Left and Front Right Speakers, so audio from the phone come through the car speakers. The MKI9200 loom has full speaker wiring for the audio streaming, so i could hack into the loom to wire in the new one without too much of an issue. The MKI9200 also has Line Level Out so i'm thinking i can wire this into the Line In on the rear of the RNS 510.

Sorry for waffling, but here is what i think the "kicker" might be. Currently when the phone rings the RNS510 recognises this and mutes the audio (great), when i'm in the phone, i can use the steering wheel controls to alter the volume and the RNS510 shows "Telephone" in the volume slider. Therefore i'm thinking the audio from the Kit is going via the RNS (rather than bypassing and connecting directly to the speakers via the Parrot Blue Box.

I'm wondering if i wire in the new loom using the Line Inputs (one of the approved installation scenarios), whether the phone will continue to work.

Does anyone have any experience with the MKI 9200 and the RNS510? Also is there an adapter i could use to make this easier, given the RNS510 doesnt use ISO connectors, i'm also assuming i'll need to get the code for the RNS from VW before i start disconnecting things.

Thanks in advance! Oh and i know i should have bought a Fiscon or similar, but the dash had already been driller for the old kit, so i wanted to cover that.


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