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2008 T2: Low dust front pad recommendations w/o the lecture?!?!

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I just read a few WAY to long threads that were meandering and overly analytical about eurospec, etc...still never got the answers I wanted. Someone spoon feed me.

The 2008 doesn't have the options as much as earlier years from what I can tell. No Hawk LTE options for my year.

Regardless who has the best experience and with what on a 08-09 T2 with low dust. Looking at Pelican Parts and I see about 6 options for the 300mm fronts.

ATE Ceramic: yeah...yeah...yeah I read the post and know how you guys say the sun will explode if get those.
Bosch Euroline

As we know the OEMs are unbearble. I can spend an hour cleaning my wheels to have them black again by the next weekend. Don't have this issue with my other heavy trucks!

What do you like for your sanity and stopping power?
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AFAIK there's only two sizes for Touareg - one for the V10/R50 and one for the rest.
+ 308 mm /314 mm for the R5.
What about noise? A don't care about dust, I want the brakes to stay quiet and powerful.
OEM brakes are quiet and dust is not an issue. (I have had my discs and pads replaced in March.)
Sorry but OEM dust is terrible for a majority of us...not sure why it's not an issue for you! My wheels don't last more then two weeks before it's embarrassing. I've got an F250 for work with nice wheels that can go months before it's bad with dust on OEM pads.
Today I took snaps of all the wheels around. *Last time my Treg was washed on 3 Sep 2016. 13 days passed (driving daily).


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1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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