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2008 T2: Low dust front pad recommendations w/o the lecture?!?!

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I just read a few WAY to long threads that were meandering and overly analytical about eurospec, etc...still never got the answers I wanted. Someone spoon feed me.

The 2008 doesn't have the options as much as earlier years from what I can tell. No Hawk LTE options for my year.

Regardless who has the best experience and with what on a 08-09 T2 with low dust. Looking at Pelican Parts and I see about 6 options for the 300mm fronts.

ATE Ceramic: yeah...yeah...yeah I read the post and know how you guys say the sun will explode if get those.
Bosch Euroline

As we know the OEMs are unbearble. I can spend an hour cleaning my wheels to have them black again by the next weekend. Don't have this issue with my other heavy trucks!

What do you like for your sanity and stopping power?
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I use TRW European spec pads which are equal to OEM performance but with half the dust but I found some premium ceramic pads from TRW on Amazon at a good price. Probably not as good initial bite but TRW makes a good product. What don't you try them out and let us know how they work?

BTW, we have 330 mm front discs not 300 mm


Thanks. I'll research those too. I'm sure this is opening a can of worms but what benefit do those rotors provide for a SUV. Is it just for looks?
Slotted rotors provide a good bite, especially when brakes are cold. Drilled rotors are lighter and are good if you take your vehicle to the track. I've cracked drilled rotors before. They aren't as strong.
I went with the Stoptech drilled/slotted rotors on Rockauto, with Stoptech pads and ECS steel braided lines. Best braking package at the best price! Oh, and NO dust issues... :)
Where did you find the Stoptech pads and how is the performance compared to the OEM Pagids?
More Information for CENTRIC 30911650 "Centric" is Stoptech It's tough for me to really compare OEM vs aftermarket. I never buy a vehicle new, nor does it stay "stock" for long after I buy it. I usually purchase my German vehicles 50-90k miles, so they are usually due for a lot of regular maintenance. I run through all the systems and start replacing/upgrading.
I understand but with the Touareg, OEM is Brembo with Pagid pads. A very good combination. Are you saying that your Touareg didn't have Pagid pads when you purchased it used? The Pagids provide excellent stopping power but produce lots of dust. I know Centric is Stoptech, I have their slotted rotors on my GTI along with Redstuff pads.

I want a good performing brake pad with minimal dust. I didn't see the Stoptech rear pads for the Touareg on Rockauto site, I'll look again. I'm wondering if they are a ceramic or metallic compound.
Good to know. Do you have an estimate of how long they will last? Or is it too soon to tell.
Too soon to tell. My Touareg is not my daily driver.
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If you want low dust and good braking then go with the OEM pads, if better bite and more stopping and can love with dirtier wheels go with Pagid. I put pagid rotors and pads on my wife's 09 and it stops excellent, coats the wheels within a week or two, but she is hard on them. My 10 still is on OEM and don't start getting build up for a few thousand miles and is lighter colored dust, and the bite is not as good. One thing that suprized me when I did the pads were the OEM on the 09 were stamped made in the USA with the VW markings. And check which pads you need 1 vs 2 pin calipers.
I think you're confused. OEM for the Touareg is Pagid and they aren't made in the USA.
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