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2008 T2: Low dust front pad recommendations w/o the lecture?!?!

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I just read a few WAY to long threads that were meandering and overly analytical about eurospec, etc...still never got the answers I wanted. Someone spoon feed me.

The 2008 doesn't have the options as much as earlier years from what I can tell. No Hawk LTE options for my year.

Regardless who has the best experience and with what on a 08-09 T2 with low dust. Looking at Pelican Parts and I see about 6 options for the 300mm fronts.

ATE Ceramic: yeah...yeah...yeah I read the post and know how you guys say the sun will explode if get those.
Bosch Euroline

As we know the OEMs are unbearble. I can spend an hour cleaning my wheels to have them black again by the next weekend. Don't have this issue with my other heavy trucks!

What do you like for your sanity and stopping power?
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Thanks....that is the exact kind of intel I wanted!!

I did mean to state 330mm...I know there is the 350mm too for the V10 but I DID NOT know there is a 368mm listed on some sites?!?!? Is that for the "R" in Europe? I think I saw that listed on Pelican. got a link for them for the fronts? That link comes up rear too and I'm not finding them with my limited search skills!

EDIT: I did find them!

Already on the way...
AFAIK there's only two sizes for Touareg - one for the V10/R50 and one for the rest.
That's what I saw too but for some reason Pelican is confusing the topic! Sure it's some type or such...

I put in 2008 T2 V6 and got these that came up first!


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I went with the Stoptech drilled/slotted rotors on Rockauto, with Stoptech pads and ECS steel braided lines. Best braking package at the best price! Oh, and NO dust issues... :)
Thanks. I'll research those too.

I'm sure this is opening a can of worms but what benefit do those rotors provide for a SUV. Is it just for looks?
Haha! I had to ask didn't I!

Always read it was for looks and cool factor on street cars and only had it benefits on the track. High speed, high temps.

Also heard slotted/drilled eat pad more. You really feel that big a difference just driving around town?

Again my original question had todo with low dust. Doesn't all this crest more aggressive contact and thus dust, or no?

Others with input on thei make model please continue to chime in.
It's funny how every brake posting digresses into the same discussion!

I was hoping for my antidotal evident what you use/like in relationship to no dust. That was the original post. Thanks to all those who commented on topic and off!
OEM brakes are quiet and dust is not an issue. (I have had my discs and pads replaced in March.)
Sorry but OEM dust is terrible for a majority of us...not sure why it's not an issue for you! My wheels don't last more then two weeks before it's embarrassing. I've got an F250 for work with nice wheels that can go months before it's bad with dust on OEM pads.
My post has wondered off into the dessert...
Today I took snaps of all the wheels around. *Last time my Treg was washed on 3 Sep 2016. 13 days passed (driving daily).
You sir are freak of nature then!

I wish I took a photo of mine as I washed the T2 two nights ago. It was close to a month since I last washed the wheels but I only drive the T2 to work once a week and to the lake (120 miles) on the weekend with a few quick trips around town. They were about 50% black with dust! I'll confirm when I pull them off this weekend if they are truly OEM but the guy I bought my T2 from appeared to ONLY service it at Vw post warranty. He had every oil change record still does with I assumed he brakes and such too.
Today I took snaps of all the wheels around. *Last time my Treg was washed on 3 Sep 2016. 13 days passed (driving daily).
Actually an update for me too...I brought the T2 to work (50 miles) and since Tuesday night I've put about 90 miles on the T2. Now in my wheels defense I did drive it to the top of a 1000ft ski hill this AM with a few 40 degree climbs but the descent was a considerably more shallow path. I'm sure that contributed to half the dust you see here.


Cannot wait for my ceramic pad this weekend to see if my cleaning days are behind me!


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OK...for those that find this post and want a follow up.

I found highly affordable StopTech pads (carbon/ceramic) with two cross drilled/slotted rotors and sensors for under $210.00 on Amazon. PM me if you need the link. Everything fit just fine. As mentioned before these pads are cross referenced for the new corvette and SS camero when you take the numbers off the StopTech box and reverse search them! Not sure about the rotors.

I really could have cared less if they were slotted/drilled but that was the best deal out there. They are clearly coated and well made and spot on when I mic'd them.

Additionally, they gave me two sets of front sensors so I have an extra set for the rears. If these work out well I'll find the similar set for rears for next spring.

At 140K miles my front left caliper had a piston that would not retract. I popped it out and found the chrome coming off the piston. Since I could find no available rebuild kits locally (will continue to search online) I decided to bead blast off the corrosion, cleaned it up and put it back in as the seal was in great shape. The inside of the caliper was still smooth and the internal seal was good. There is no reason this shouldn't last me a bit.

Bled front rotors (inside first then outside drain) and flushed out with new fluid with a Powerbleeder.

Will report back in a few weeks and months on how this $210 set of pad/rotors work out...especially with dust!
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Follow up to my own's been a bit over a month and these carbon/ceramics are major improvements with dust. They also stop as well or if not better then the pains. I believe they were pains as they said germany on them. I thing these are actually a more firm stop (not as mushy) but not requiring more power or panic at all and the includes my 3K boat/trailer with no brakes.

I'll assume the rears are still paigns and they dust WAAAYY more then the new fronts. Since when does a back set of pads make more a mess then fronts!?!?

I've put about 2K miles on them.

I rate these stop techs pads and cross drilled/slotted rotors an A+ one month later. Will continue to report back.
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