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Looking to clear out a space in the garage. Fully Loaded (except the rear diff lock). Off Road Grey/ Sienna Brown. 184000 miles (daily driver). Never Smoked in, no pets.

VIN: WVGPT77L47D008647

Height Adjustable Air Suspension,​ Adjustable Differential,​ Front and Rear Parking Sensors,​ Navigation Capability,​ Heated Front and Rear Power Leather Seats,​ Steering Wheel Controls and many more luxury features. The Twin Turbo Diesel V10 is a very rare and unique engine that makes 556 lbs ft or torque and can tow over 7,​700 lbs! It has no belts or chains,​ the engine and all accessories are driven by gears and shafts which is unlike any other engine. The paint and body are in excellent condition with just a few light scratches,​ stone chips and some cracked plastic on the passenger side mirror . The gray leather interior is in great shape with just a little wear from getting in and out. The wheels look great and the tires have plenty of tread remaining. Everything is in proper working order except the mirrors do not always automatically fold in when you lock the the car. All services are up to date. The check engine light is currently on for an EGR fault. This can be repaired or some owner chose to delete is and tune the ECU. Please call for a better description. There were not many V10 Touareg's sold in the US and this one is extra clean!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts