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Well folks, a sad day has come for me. My beloved V-10 Touareg has had a pretty serious failure and I cannot keep it nor, can I fix it. Please note: it is NOT turn-key drivable.
Previously required info:
V-10 TDI
VIN: 07739
Plano, TX.

Normally, I would undertake the repair, as I'm confident that I could do it properly, but I live in Plano (Dallas) and commute to Houston during the week for work. It would take me FOREVER to really do it, and I just don't have the time. If you're skilled and adventurous or know a great Indy mechanic, this is the deal of the century! It's gotten $15K of warranty repair work done (new turbos, exhaust manifolds, prop shaft, etc) all done correctly at the dealer!

The Story:
Color: Campanella White
Condition: 9.5 out of 10. Zero dings or major scratches. No real paint pitting or sandblasting on the front, only minor imperfections.
Color: Teak
Condition: 8.5 out of 10. Driver’s seat in very good condition; no deep wrinkles or creases, no tears or damage.
No tears in any seating areas. Only 1 tear in any of the leather, and that is on the lower seat back of the center ‘5th’ seat. Common on Gen I Touaregs due to the seat belt cover breaking off, then tearing the leather when the seat back is down in the cargo configuration. There is some peeling of the soft touch material on the driver’s interior door handle.
The rest of the interior is nearly flawless.
Factory Options
This Touareg has nearly all factory options:
• Dual power heated seats
• Navigation
• Air ride (adjustable) suspension
• Push button start
• KESSY keyless entry
Available options NOT on this vehicle:
• 4-way climatronic (heated rear seats; packaged together)
• Rear differential lock
• Heated steering wheel
This Touareg is mostly stock, but has a few tasteful, functional modifications.
• Software (chip) tune. A custom written profile that is a modification of the factory profile, thereby retaining correct associated VIN, modestly increasing boost and dialing back EGR valve function. Software loader with stock profile is included with the sale.
• Brake calipers have been painted red with white Brembo stickers applied. (Could stand a repaint) Factory brakes are the giant 6-piston calipers and 350mm rotors.
• 22” replica wheels with Nitto NT555 tires. (Approximately 40% of life remaining)

Previous repairs/warranty work
When I purchased this Touareg in September, 2010, it had the remainder of the VW Real Driver Platinum warranty, extending bumper-to-bumper coverage to 100K mi, which I took full advantage of at 97-ish thousand miles. All work was performed at one VW dealership or another by trained techs certified to work on the V10 Touareg specifically. All receipts are in the glovebox. Total cash value of warranty repairs, approximately $15K.
Warranty repairs, February 2013:
• New turbos (2)
• New exhaust manifolds (2)
• Steering rack
• A/C clutch
• Propeller shaft
• E-brake retraction cylinder

Additional, non-warranty repairs:
• New thermostat: early 2015
• New windshield washer tubing
• New accelerator pedal
• New valve cover gaskets
• New cam plug (passenger side)

Additional improvements
• New genuine VW headlight assemblies (2) +6000K xenon bulbs (March, 2015- $970)
• New genuine VW windshield (August, 2015)
Current condition of vehicle
There are currently two conditions afflicting the vehicle; one potentially serious, one not such a priority.
1) Approximately 3 weeks ago a CEL popped on & the transmission went into limp mode. I took it to Hendrick VW in Frisco, TX. And they have told me that the transmission has sprayed fluid onto the wiring harness wreaking havoc on the operation of the transmission. (It does this, by the way, without leaking a drop of fluid on the ground. (?) It still actually shifts & drives fine (the software causes it to shift strangely [a one second pause between shifts of gears 1-3 due to limp mode] but 4th-6th is totally normal, and it drives highway speeds just fine).
Hendrick VW service wants to replace the transmission & the ENTIRE vehicle wiring harness. The parts & labor estimate is nothing short of INSANE. Anyone who knows anything about cars & dealer service departments knows that dealers see everything as being disposable. By the way the vehicle drives (and drove before it went to limp mode) I’m fairly certain that whatever is causing the transmission to lose/leak fluid can be fixed. I’m also confident with my 22 years of aviation maintenance & flying background that there is a different, reliable and more cost effective way to work with the wiring harness than just blindly replacing the entire thing.
2) The AFS function of the headlights (lights follow the steering wheel, left & right) currently does not work & sets off a warning on the DIS display every time the vehicle is started, as it fails the self test. This has been trouble shot down to the two control modules on each headlight assembly. While I intended to get this fixed, it wasn’t a priority since the headlights & signals otherwise work normally & the components cost ~$1,000 (best price I could come up with)
The last word
This Touareg is beautiful, rare & in excellent condition. She drives like a dream & I have driven it all over the country & on occasion, pulled a 5,000lb trailer behind it through the mountains and forgotten that it was back there. It’s simply brilliant. The sad truth for me is that it has gotten a few bugs in it that require some real attention. this is an opportunity to pick up a fantastic vehicle for significantly less than even just the warranty work that has been done to it, if you've got the time & the skill to do it.
Please contact me with any questions.
Matt Smithers
[email protected]

Full album of pictures:



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Several people have needed a new internal gearbox loom after ATF has got into it.

They did not need a new gearbox.

The loom is submerged in the ATF and is normally reliable.

However if the ATF does get into it then odd things happen.

There were some good photos on here of someone replacing that loom.

From memory they were using a neat little blue[?] plastic tool to undo the old connections and install the new and it didn't seem too big a job if the car is up on the lift. [Again from memory, I think they may even have done the job in their own garage at home working on their back!]

Give the car a good thrashing late afternoon, drive it hot onto the lift, remove the bottom plate on the gearbox with a large tray underneath to collect the still hot ATF, and then leave to drain overnight before starting work next morning.

This same procedure goes for anyone changing the valve chest or even just their ATF.

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Thanks for the info, Noogy; I vaguely remember the post you're referring to. I'm going to leave the FS post up to see what interest it generates, but in the mean time, I will be doing some research here to see what I can come up with to repair it properly.

I think you've pointed me in the right direction, and I appreciate it. I'll also be looking at the ATF servicing video that I remember watching you YouTube.

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This is the wiring loom I think might be your problem.

I can't find it on the jimellis parts site.


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Here's a video:


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Whats the mileage now? (sorry if I missed it). Mind sharing what that insane price form VW was? Love that interior.
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