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2007 V10 TDI - Oklahoma

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The time has come to sell my 2007 VW Touareg. It is a V10 TDI, off-road grey exterior with teak leather interior. I'm the third owner of this TDI, it was a Colorado car and now resides in Oklahoma. I have had it serviced at dealers in OKC (until I had issues with both locations), now I just take it to Eddies Imports (in OKC) or do the simple jobs myself (prior helicopter mechanic and I'm no stranger to race cars).

For the sake of full disclosure, the current issues are that the parking distance sensors are triggered at random times (usually crosswalks at stop lights) turning this off has just become part of my start-up procedure. The other thing is that the return spring in the emergency brake pedal is slightly worn, so you need to pull up the pedal a bit with your foot after releasing the brake.

The reason I'm selling it is that I just don't drive it much anymore. I got my car up and running after doing a differential swap, and I now have an old farm truck to handle the daily/towing duties.

Extras included: full-size spare, bug deflector, mud guards and running boards.
Mileage: 90,xxx
Asking $19,000
Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma


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It's not a spring but a small damper that's duff on the parking brake pedal. Takes 10 minutes to replace and costs about $30 so no big deal for anyone. In the meantime you might find that if you pull the release and hold it out for two seconds before letting go you don't even have to catch the pedal with your toecap to turn the parking brake light off!

Good luck with the sale.
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