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2007 Touareg Full Electrical Power but No Crank

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Original owner of much loved Touareg (appx. 188,000 miles). In the last year the car has "frozen up" about a dozen times at random during start up. The seats will adjust, the lights will come on and all the electronics work like normal, but no start, no crank, and no noises from the engine.

Took it to the VW specialist repair shop (not the dealer, they are a JOKE) and they could not find anything wrong except to say it might be the drivers side door lock and the problem (obviously and electrical one) has to do with the alarm system (though no error codes are found).

After spending the better part of the day fumbling with the car the mechanic disconnected the battery (not easy to do BTW) at the positive terminal and after reconnecting, the car started back up again (had to reset the clock and stuff). This fixed the problem but the mechanic could offer no explanation or solution.

I am at the point where I carry around a 10 mil socket and have a ten minute routine to disconnect the battery when this happens (took my mom out to dinner last Sunday night and it froze up in the parking lot after dinner and that was the last straw). The time to get a permanent fix is now. Any hints, helps, tips, or suggestions?
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I do not have a solution to the actual problem but given that you know what resets the car, then I would suggest you install a battery cut off switch that you can easily reach without dismantling the seat, etc., each time it happens.

I've used them on several cars and boats over the years as fire and and theft protection.

I think it would be relatively easy to install with an extra length of battery cable and half an hour of your time.

Something like this:

Jtron 200A High Current Car Battery Switch / Rotary Switch - Black + Iron(DC 60V) 4959283 2017 ? $11.99
2007-1017, you should be on your third battery. 2012 and again now.

So how old is your battery?
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