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This sounds more like bad gas, dirty gas filter, aging plugs, or something like that. Your owners manual likely has a maintenance schedule for plugs as it varies by engine model.

The fuel grade and type can impact your timing (due to pinging) as the vehicle hunts for timing (retard / advance). My 2007 does this a little with winter gas.

Also, I have read that there are "pure" stations that sell premium without ethanol! You can search online for these stations, they can legally only sell premium because it is exempt from ethanol laws. I would keep some fuel that isn't pure in your tank because the ethanol attracts water...which gets burned up versus staying in your tank. But I might add a bit of pure premium and see?

Is the sounded really bad pinging?

A wheel bearing sounds like an offroad tire with a distinct whum, whum, whum, sound (on VW's for some reason) stated above zig zagging left right left right in a parking lot will make the sound come and go as you take weight off and put weight on.
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