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Will up load the VIN tomorrow
Seattle...ish WA 98023
109200 Miles
$18,500 Obo

I believe I am second owner on this vehicle. Purchased from a VW dealer in 2011, purchased third party warranty at the time of sale that just expired at 105000 miles, so this Touareg as only been out of warranty for 4,000 miles its entire life.

Most of the issues I’ve had with the vehicles seemed to have happen from 55,000-85,000 miles, it has been basically issue free for over a year (as a daily driver).
Warranty Repairs during ownership: Service documents included.
Center driveshaft support
Front right tie rod w/ alignment (1 year ago)
New stereo amplifier
It had engine work done at the dealer before I took ownership, I don’t recall what it was though.

The Good:
Engine spin interior with push to start.
Reverse camera. DVD nav (original disc i assume i never us it)
Volk TE37 lightweight wheels with studless snow tires Michellen X Ice 2
TSW 20” wheels with Cooper H/T Discovery included as well. they are chrome but are plasti dipped black.
Extra filters bought in bulk
Intake x2
In cabin air
New brakes rotors and pads last year.
New hood struts
New keys x2… need to be activated by a dealer though.
Monster floor mats as well as carpet mats.
Black roof bars not silver...
2 smaller center head rests so you can actually see behind you! originals included as well.
Jug of cetane booster, which has been added to almost every tank of fuel since ownership.
Original trim included as well… not sure if thats good or bad...

The Bad:
Windshield is cracked.
1 Headlight flickers causing a warning on the dash but is stay on steady after start up… it did this before replaced the light bulb and it went away.
1 piece of engine spin trim is missing, right side dash time behind the steering wheel. usually can’t even see it but i think you find them online for $70ish. should just pop out and pop in.
Some vinyl is peeling off of a few knobs and switches inside… sunroof dial, drivers window controls mainly.
We have 2 huskies… I spent a few hours detailing it this week but there are still small amount of dog hair inside, so if your allergic to dogs this probably isn’t for you.
Out of warranty.
No rear locking diff.
No heated steering wheel.

Asking $18,500 OBO Only selling to make room for the new Ford Raptor this fall :D

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