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Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. I’m currently toying with the idea of an upgrade to my Touareg and was wondering if anyone can advise me:
My Touareg:
January 2006-registered (presumably built in late 2005) Touareg R5 Sport, fitted with RNS 2, built in phone kit, colour MFI. The RNS 2 Nav doesn’t work due to some issue with the front-loading DVD drive and the built-in phone kit doesn’t work as it needs a cradle for some ancient phone which I don’t have. A previous owner had also fitted a Parrot Bluetooth kit, which has recently stopped working. I also have a 6-disc CD changer in the boot, which works perfectly.

Must haves:
Plug and play – I don’t want to be faffing about cutting and splicing cables, looking for endless bits and pieces to get the thing working or spending hours updating firmware.
Decent Navigation – I live in Ireland and all too often, some navigation units have terribly inaccurate mapping data.
Excellent Bluetooth phone capability.
Full integration with the MFI and steering wheel buttons.
No deterioration in FM reception, which is quite good with the RNS 2
Must have an OEM look
Not essential, but nice to have would be Bluetooth audio.
I have no requirement for TV or DAB reception, as neither is well supported in Ireland. In the future, I may wish to add headrest-mounted monitors for playing DVD’s.
I have looked at the RNS 510, but there are too many separate components necessary and the cost becomes prohibitive very quickly.

What I think I need:
I’ve done a fairly detailed trawl through the various for a on the internet and found 3 potential units:
1. Zenec Ze-NC2051D, costing approx. €1000
2. Dynavin N6, costing approx. €800
3. Audiosources D90-710, costing approx. €600
From what I have seen, the better options are either the Zenec or Dynavin units, both of which appear to have similar iGo Navigation and Parrot Bluetooth components. However, I find myself leaning towards the Zenec unit, as it just seems like a more complete fit with my requirements. Additionally, I have read posts from Odessa on this forum, who appears to have had tremendous success with the unit. One thing which concerns me is that practically all instructions are relevant to the 2010 onwards T5, with no mention of the T1 Touareg.
Some questions for anyone (Especially Odessa) who has knowledge of this unit:
· Do the steering wheel buttons work (Including phone buttons)?
· Does the MFI display radio, track info, plus turning arrows for navigation?
· Was there any issue with the radio antennas?
· Did you need a separate Can-bus adaptor?
· Is a new GPS antenna needed?
· Will the original CD changer in the boot work with the Zenec unit?
· Does the Park Distance Control display work?
· Does the Bluetooth unit use the existing microphone fitted, or is a separate one needed?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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So, I've had a look around and I'm swaying back towards the RNS 510. The cost is the major hurdle, but if I thought I'd get all features working correctly, I could persuade myself to swallow it.

So, for an RNS 510 retrofit, I believe I need:

RNS 510 unit
Canbus adaptor, the one from seems to have the best reviews.
Fiscon Bluetooth module
Some sort of Diversity Antenna modification/interface.

Has anyone any observations/recommendations/thoughts on what I've outlined above?

The RNS 510 would end up at double the cost of a Dynavin and 30-40% greater than the cost of a Zenec, but the OEM unit is very tempting...

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I did a lot of searching for my 2004 T1. I landed on a Pioneer AVIC and loved it. Bluetooth, sat nav awesome sound and with the color changing feature the red glow matched the rest of my dash. You can get refurbed ones cheap too on Amazon. There are also lots of articles on here on how to install them - they helped me as I'd never done it before - once done I wish I'd done it ages before

I now have a new to me 2008 T2 and it has the sat nav version which I guess is like the RNS 510 and I'm already thinking of going for a Pioneer AVIC again

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