I swapped out the motor in my 2005 Touareg, about five years ago. The motor has been sitting in my shop taking up space. It has 116,000 miles. Two of the intake tappets failed causing a slight miss fire, on two and four at idle. The dealer said nothing was wrong with the motor, only a computer issue that they could fix with a new computer, solving my check engine light. This is the gas VR6, we know how that story worked out on the diesel. I am willing to package and ship. Shipping costs will be actual costs, all prices are asking for part only based on local pick up. Intake manifold $100. Oil Pan $50. Valve Cover $50. Head $100. Block $100. Engine Mounts $50. If there is something you want let me know, I am flexible and want to get it out of my way without selling it for scrap metal.