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Hi all. Hoping some of you Touareg mechanics could chime in on this.

Having an issue with the fuel system in a 2005 V8 US Spec.

VCDS scan reads - 1 Fault Found: 17908 - Fuel Pump Relay (J17) P1500 - 004 - Electrical Malfunction

Symptoms include occasional fuel starvation to engine followed by stall. Engine can be started again shortly after and run fine without any further issues. Problem seems to be intermittent and unpredictable. Has happened under load on freeway, and while at idle in driveway.

My diagnostics include –

Check of fuses/relays in E-box (left of plenum chamber).

Fuse 13 (left fuel pump-G23) / 14 (right fuel pump-G6) are good.

Relay A6 (J49) (fuel pump G23, left) / C19 (J17) (fuel pump G6, right) gate function and impedance are good.

Diagnosed both fuel pumps physically while engine idling and noticed that fuel pump G23 (left) runs continuously. Fuel pump G6 (right) does not function.

Checking the wiring harness to fuel pump G6 shows no signs of voltage. Applying power to the non-running pump from an external 12v source starts and runs it.

Engine off, pulled all related fuses/relays from E-box and jumped each fuel pump directly from relay power source. Both pumps powered on and functioned. Also connected multi-meter to both fuel pump wiring harnesses and measured same flow of current as being sent via relay power source.

My findings indicate that all related fuses/relays, fuel pumps, wiring to/from E-box to fuel pumps checks out. It’s only while the car is running that fuel pump G6 (right) does not operate, due to no voltage being sent to harness. Which led me researching what other onboard modules handle the fuel system.

SSP 298 – The Touareg Electrical System mentions the onboard power supply control unit J519 manages – Fuel pump priming action (fuel pump G23), and relay J17 / fuel pump G6 in tandem with ECM.

The Motronic Engine Control Module (J220) actuates fuel pump relay J17 and fuel pump G6.

I feel it may be related to some water damage that occurred and corroded the wiring harness along the right passenger side. At the time I took the vehicle to a mechanic who said that he fixed the harness damage, but ever since then the MIL has been on and code 17908 - Fuel Pump Relay (J17) is always present and returns immediately after being cleared.

If anyone else has experienced similar, or has any further suggestions, please respond.
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