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2005 Touareg V8| Which Tensioner Part to Get

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Long story short, my Touareg started making the horrible head turning squeal/shrieking sound when driving through the city, it goes away when on the high way.

The local shop diagnosed it and stated:

Plan on doing this myself and want to make sure they are referring to the serpentine/accessory belt tensioner and not the timing belt tensioner. Thoughts? If it helps they quoted about 1100 bucks
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Sounds like they were talking about the accessory belt and it has one tensioner pulley. Cannot refer to that pulley as “passenger side”…Easy and quick repair, definitely not worth $1000

If they were talking about the timing belt, it’s a little bit more complicated because you need camshaft pulley locking tool and crankshaft locking pin. There’s one tension pulley (asymmetrical centered pulley) and then a hydraulic piston tensioner pulley, both in the center. Not easy as the accessory belt but nothing that special if you follow the steps and have the 2 locking tools. Water pump and thermostat must be changed while doing the timing belt, usually they come with the kit.

And then there are the camshafts chain tensioners, driver and passenger side. Reading your symptoms I don’t think they were talking about those tensioners, but definitely don’t overlook them especially if your Touareg sounds rough when started. My oem ones lasted for over 200k miles. A more complicated repair, torque wrench is a must and you need the 2 locking tools too because you cannot do it without removing the timing belt…

I did those three repairs at the same time plus new valve cover gaskets and tensioner gaskets…
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Check if the serpentine belt is glazed, and check belt ribs for excessive cracking. Also, when replacing the tensioner may I suggest you use an OE part?

One more thing, once you take the drive belt off, make sure the pulley for the alternator, p/s pump, and a/c compressor is turning free and smooth.

Definitely not a $1100 charge...
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The new tensioner for the accessory belt tensioner gets here this week and will swap it out with a new belt as well. Hoping this solves this horrible noise. This was supposed to be a temporary car until I get my actual vehicle from being on waitlist, so hoping to spend as little much as possible on this.

Will update once part has been replaced.
Welp, just replaced both the serpentine belt and the serpentine belt tensioner and still getting the noise. Starting to think its the alternator maybe (it also seemed fine)? The noise is still coming from the left (passenger side) of the engine bay. Pics and videos:
V8 2005 Engine Noise

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