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I bought an '04 V8 (options listed below) for about $6,000 under invoice. At that time, there was a factory-to-dealer rebate/cash incentive of $3,500, but I'm not sure if that is still in effect. Also, be aware that all Volkswagen dealers get a 3% dealer holdback from the factory -- i.e. the dealer gets 3% of the MSRP back from the factory. So on a loaded Treg V8, that's about $1,500. So, you should be able to buy even an '05 at pretty close to invoice, I would think.

So, just with those two dealer incentives, that brought the price to $5,000 below invoice without the dealer losing any money. Plus there are often other "hidden" money that the dealer may get -- things like hitting CSI (customer satisfaction index) targets and sales volume targets.

Add to that the fact that the dealer I bought from was without power for 13 days in September due to the various Florida hurricanes, and I had one VERY motivated dealer.

Deals are out there, but you have to hunt to find them. I recommend the website, for recommendations on specific facts about particular cars and how to negotiate the best price of a new car. The best way seems to be to canvass as many dealers at one time by faxing your interest, and letting the deals come to you -- then pick the best deal.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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