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The Basics:
163k Miles
V10 4.9L Diesel Engine
Silver with Grey Leather interior
Currently located in Kansas.

Lots of great information about this model here:
Used 2004 Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI Features & Specs | Edmunds

​The Good:
1. Mechanically in very good condition. Overall, the car has been very reliable requiring only a few repairs other than typical maintenance. I have all the records from when I bought the car in 2013 with 98k Miles. It has never failed to do anything I have needed it to do.

2. Capability. This car has variable ride height with air suspension which works flawlessly. It also has full time all wheel drive with locking center and rear differentials. The car has an anti-rollback feature which prevents it from rolling backwards when you are stopped regardless of the incline. The engine is has plenty of power to give if you need it which makes passing other cars effortless, yet if you want to just set the cruise control and drive for hours, it will do so wonderfully- this car is really comfortable too which makes it pretty much the perfect for highway driving. All these things make it very trustworthy whether on or off-road.

3. Diesel. The car averages around 19 mpg with mixed driving-3-4 mpg better than the gasoline version of the car. It has never failed to start for me even after spending the night outside in -20 degrees. I have driven it uphill for 15+ miles over the course of an hour or more and it has never had issues with overheating.

4. Adult owned and driven. Since buying the car, it has been my daily driver and road trip car. The majority of the miles I have put on it were highway miles. Since I bought it, the car has never been smoked in, never had pets in it, and rarely even had anyone in the back seats.

5. Extras. I have a full size spare wheel. The tires have about 10k miles on them. I have a set of Monster Mats from VW that I bought early on and will include with the car. I also have the original mats and they are in good condition. I bought brand new headlight assemblies in DEC 2015 to replace the original headlights. The new lights are crystal clear and since they are factory Bi-Xenon headlights, they work very well at night.

The Bad:
1. Mileage. The car currently has 163k miles. Largely highway miles and the car has been great, but it isn't getting any younger.

2. Some electronics. The parking sensors stopped working around 130k miles and weren't useful enough for me to troubleshoot them. The KESSY (Keyless Entry System) hasn't worked since I bought the car. The key fob unlocks the car just fine, but there are buttons on the doors which are supposed to lock or unlock the car if the key is in your pocket and they don't work.

3. Some Interior Items. All of the buttons work, but around the time this car was made, VW used some material to cover the buttons that doesn't age well. Some of the more heavily used buttons show obvious wear as a result. The headliner started sagging around 145k miles, but it hasn't been bad enough that it has been a priority for fixing.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.


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