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Even a simple hand polish can do wonders. I just did my anthracite grey Touareg a few weeks ago, and there's simply no comparison between the before and after look. The car is more shiny, the paint looks more deep and you can see the metallic reflecting particles in it again. You'll also need to wax the car afterwards to conserve the results for several months.

For hand polish I recommend the Sonax P-Ball and some good quality polish fluid (like that from Sonax, Meguiar or Turtle wax). For waxing the average Turtle Wax will do, but I recommend using the paste, because it's easier to apply and more economic than the fluid ones. Just make sure you also buy some tape, and mask off rubber and plastic parts prior to polish and waxing, because depending on the products you use, they might leave a really ugly and uneven stain on these unpainted parts.

Of course polish and wax will do almost nothing to serious scratches or paint damage on your car, but it will give it a new shine, and will definitely take care of the fading effect.

Also, this will cost you less than $50 total, and if you're unsatisfied with the results, you can still consider hiring a professional to polish the car for you, or even do a full repaint (which I do not recommend, unless you have really bad scratches and dents, and/or whole parts where the paint is missing or damaged). But even then you can use these products to maintain the perfect look afterwards.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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