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The clear coat will have to be sanded off. Some say you can just redo the clear coat if you don't scuff up the colour coat too much but I like to freshen up the colour coat a bit.
It's tricky with metallics though as you don't usually colour sand the colour coat because of the metal flake, you can but it can look weird.

And it takes a good hand with the spray gun to get the 'flip' of the metal flakes right so the new paint matches the existing paint.
The new paint can be exactly the same colour as the old paint but look different if it's applied differently.

If you're going to be neglectful of your paint and leave it out in the weather you should give it a polymer polish, it lasts longer and some brands say they have UV protection.
Don't use silicone.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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