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Hi everyone, since an firmware update, I've got a problem with displaying cameras on my Rns 850.
with vag com i've checked for fault codes and it becomes that in 19 Can bus I've got
fault code 01044 / 19 - CAN Gateway control module incorrectly coded
and I have some menus that are in mode functuon not available.
Does anyone knows how to fix it?
I've try in local dealer in Porsche Sofia yug, but It seems that the guys didn't know what to do.........shame for an authorized dеaler...
however If anyone knows something.....
or if someone with Touareg 2014 Rns850 with four cameras could take a picture on this coding in 19 Can gateway......
Thank you


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share the scan....have you tried clearing the codes, do they come back?
do you have errors on other modules as well?
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