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18x9 KMC Monster/ Pro Comp 7089

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Hey guys, :wave:

I am looking to buy either of the rims mentioned below, but I just can't seem to be able to figure out whether they'll fit or not. I'm confused by all the different requirements regarding offset, backspacing and on top the metric/US conversion is making it even more difficult. Maybe somebody could explain what I need to look for... The bolt pattern is not an issue, because I am planning to get adapters for the wheels.

Also, is offset always in "mm" and backspacing in "in." :confused:

KMC Monster 18x9 - Offset: 35, Backside: 6.38"
KMC Rockstar 18x9 - Offset: 0, Backside: 5"
Pro Comp 7089 18x9 - Offset: -6 Backspacing: 4.75"

Thanks for a quick response.

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for a 9" wheel you want an offset of ~60mm; that's what the stock wheels are...

Don't forget, if you get adapters, you need to get a "higher" offset wheel to make up for it...

e.g. if you want your final offset to be 60mm, and you have 15mm adapters, the wheels should be ET75.

Also, make sure the adapters are hubcentric, our wheel center bore is 57.1mm
Thanks for the reply Anand,

So I can neglect the backspacing if I find a rim that has an offset of 75mm? Is that negative or positive? I believe to be able to remember that ET stands for the negative offset... f thats correct none of the wheels are going to work. Thats quite a bummer...
OEM Atheos 19x9's are ET60, and that is "positive" offset...

Basically, the KMC Monster you posted, with out factoring in the width of the adapter, would stick outward 25mm (~1") farther than the stock 19x9's. I don't see that working at all, especially not when you figure the adapter will be at the very least 15-20mm thick
On the other hand.... Procomp 7089's have been put on a Touareg before....

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Alright, so now I'm totally confused... if it is positive offset that I'm looking for, then too little of an offset would pull the wheel inwards and a spacer would help me keep it in the right place?! This is horrible to get your head around...
Wheel Tech - Offset

As the numerical offset (positive) decreases, the face of the wheel gets closer to the center of the wheel (laterally) thus pushing the barrel of the wheel towards the outside of the car.

A spacer wouldn't physically change the face/barrel relationship, but does move the entire assembly out, effectively lowering the numerical offset
^^^ That T2 with the Procomps is SICK!! If my wife would let me, I would've gone this route myself! With the exception of the sideskirt and the splitter - and not have the wheel stick out of the fender flares.
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