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Hey guys!

I have a set (4) of 18x8 ATX Artillery black teflon coated wheels, with Mickey Thompson Baja STZ tires (265/60 r eighteen) for sale. These rims/Tires are sweet! They i only put about 2K miles on them and took them off. I have decided to sell them, as i could use the extra cash. The set needs to be mounted and balanced, but the tires are on the rim. I had to have spacers/hub adapter milled from aluminum to make these fit and work properly, as well as longer studs. I want to get rid of all of it, as they are just taking up room in my apt.

I have about $2500 total invested in the set up and would let it all go for around $2000, but im flexible.


Thee wheels were on a 2011 Touareg TDI Lux, see attatched pictures.

Wheels also fit most jeeps etc

I accept cash as or i can create an invoice through paypal to accept credit cards (add 3% processing fee)

Wheels/tires are located in San Francisco

Photos show how they look as well as each individual wheel


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