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18" Manhattan wheels fit 2014 TDI R-line?

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I'm looking for a set of winter wheels for my new-to-me Touareg. OE wheels are 20" Mallorys. Searches come up with conflicting info. Has anybody successfully gone this way?
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I am running 17" VW wheeles from earlier Touareg on our 2011 VR6 Lux

I found really reasonably priced snows for this rim, went narrow and is a tank in deep slush on interstate at highway speed.

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Thanks VWBob. What kind of tires did you go with? When you say 'narrow', what tire size did you get? I'm aware that snows should be narrow-er than 'summer' tires so they don't ride up on snow, but instead bite down through.....
I went with the 235/65/17 Cooper Discover M&S!productDetail/tireStandardFitment/90000003051

A little noisy but handle well and bite in snow and deep slush is great!

The 18" Manhattan Wheels for sale here on forum are a good choice, crab them up!
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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