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18 Inch Rims

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Hi Members
I am after some 18 inch rims for my touareg. Has anybody got some for sale or may like to swap 18 inch rims for 19 inch Touareg rims or 19 inch Cayenne rims?
regards Kevin
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theres a set available on ebay....vw dealer from melbourne selling a set for 500
I think I read somewhere that you can jack up the standard steel springs on the 2010 Touareg 2" higher with a set of aftermarket shocks or struts?

I like the jacked up look and the higher ground clearance as I will be doing some off-road travel. My 2010 Touareg TDI has 20" OEM rims with low profile tires and they look great, but I'm not sure I would want to take these rims and low profile tires off-road?

I found a full set of 17" OEM rims & tires (that I can use chains on) for $875 on eBay (take-offs with less than 300 miles). These tires have exactly the same outside diameter as the 18" and 19" OEM rims and tires which was a big surprise.

Does anyone know which of these three OEM rim and tires choices would be best for off-road use?
Hi Kevin, In Brisbane I have a set of 18 inch Cayenne rims with tyres that I am thinking of getting rid of. Send me a PM if you are interested.

May I ask Why the swop ?
Doing a 4wd trip and can not get the required tyres in a 19 inch rim. So I intend to get an additional set of wheels in 18 inch rims for when off roading. Simpson desert trip pulling a camper trailer.
Maybe Blind

theres a set available on ebay....vw dealer from melbourne selling a set for 500
G'Day mate.. Took a look on Ebay but could not find the rims/wheels you spoke about. Were 19inch and a 20 inch but no 18inch rims.
Naybe send me the link if they are still there as I could not find in my search.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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