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Bought these off the forum for $1700 3 years ago, with like-new tires. I'm going to end up taking the buy back on my Treg so I put the OEM wheels back on and am going to pass these along hopefully to someone here.

The tires have just enough tread left to likely pass inspection, but new tires are needed. Personally I really liked the General AT2's and would have replaced them in-kind had been keeping my rig. The PO who I bought these from said they are equipped with TPMS that was a $375 option, I never had these coded for my rig / or working on my car ('09 TDI, his was an '08 IIRC) though and suspect one of them may have a dead battery.

One of the wheels has the lightest of curbing on the outer lip, I'll try and get and post a picture. The other three are absolutely perfect, centercaps still have protective film on them..

I would like to get $1000 for the set, plus shipping if needed. Madyspop on this forum at the time I got these was the go-to for good shipping rates. I'm willing to drop these off at a freight place if it helps.

Local pickup obviously preferred, I am located in Waltham, MA about 10 miles west of Boston.
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