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Some of you may have run into the pre-existing safety feature of the automatic disabling of your power hatch when you have a trailer connected.
This has been getting on my nerves ever since the first time I hooked a trailer up to mine, since I often wish to go into the trunk area when connected to a trailer.
Both my utility trailer, and RV trailer setups do not interfere with my hatch, and I never user a bike rack or anything along those lines, thus I decided to disable this feature.

For my controller, there are no corresponding label files, so trying to change the coding was a NO GO as I don't have any indication of what each of the bits relate to. I was able to successfully do mine through adaptation instead.

First enter the security access code

Then proceed to perform the adaptation as desired.

I have rested the changes with both of my trailers (4 pin and 7pin hookups).
Hope this helps others.
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