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Hey, new guy here... I've recently been looking for a second car (I have an '11 A4 6M) and an expanding family led me to an SUV. I've always wanted a Touareg, as I think they're among the best looking and best driving SUVs out there, and after finding a great deal on an '11 TDI Executive, I pounced.

82k on the clock, complete and regular service records, and I happen to know the prior owner so certain he's at least responsible.

+ Just before delivery, the car threw a CEL – P20EE, the infamous "NOx Sensor Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1"
+ Fix was a $641 job at the local dealer – "Ran GFF... found injector and exhaust plugged, rec injector & exhaust cleaning. R/R exhaust injector/valve and cleaned exhaust that was plugged."
+ P/N was 3CO-131-113C.

+ 1 day after delivery, a new CEL – code P229F, "NOx Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Bank 1 Sensor 2"
+ Dealer (quite helpfully, to their credit) took it back under a 7-day return policy

Here's where I'm confused:
+ My understanding is that this is the "other" NOx sensor which has gone bad and needs to be replaced
+ My PPI mechanic (admittedly not a TDI expert) also diagnosed it as a separate sensor failure, but thought it could be indicative of a failing DPF, or potentially the AdBlue system going bad
+ The selling dealer said instead that the sensor fault was related to the original P20EE – basically the second sensor wasn't recalibrated after the original fix, so they needed to recalibrate & reset the system to clear the code. Unclear if there was any further part R/R or other work (still waiting on documentation back from them)

SO – Is the combo of P20EE + P229F a deal breaker? Do the repairs mentioned jive with common sense? Deferring to the collective wisdom of the experts here! I've found threads here & elsewhere mentioning potential/impending AdBlue failures, but I also know that sometimes these are innocuous.

I'm comfortable with the general maintenance requirements of owning a premium vehicle, and I'm super thrilled with the T-Reg TDI. But I am conscious of the general reliability of the diesel emissions system (and, you know... other things) and don't want to buy my way into a major failing part
with a multi-thousand dollar repair bill.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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Never buy a Touareg with any fault.

Never buy a Touareg without a good long term warranty in place.
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