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08 v8 Touareg transmission in LIMP Mode - Transmission Output & Input sensors Malfunctioning

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I have a 08 V8 with 145k miles

I pulled codes of VCDS:

P0720 - Circuit Malfunction - Tranmission Output Speed Sensor (G195)
P0715 - Circuit Malfunction - Transmission Input Speed Sensor (G182)

I been reading on G195 its under valve body inside the gearbox, never done ATF change on treg.

Seems like both sensors is close to each other, but don't seem like a common issue.

I checked all fuses, no fuses burned, I checked fuses up front in phelm box and fuses next to battery.

Is there a Transmission reset on VCDS ?

Any one with same issue or knowledge please advice, I don't mind replacing sensors but weird both is malfunctioning, as far as I understand both sensors helps the transmission shift based on speed on gears.

I can drive the Treg, it goes in gears but its almost like the gear box shift to early or late, I have not driven the Treg, Much after my girl friend informed me of weird movements.

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Log outputs of both sensors to get a better idea. Are you getting any readings from them or are they reading a constant value or what?
Do you know where on VCDS I can pull logs?
i’ll look around as well and if I found ill post back, thanks for response.
resolved the Issue:

Transmission Harness connector leak

Followed the leak of ATF to connector at Transmission , bought new harness , dropped oil, dropped filter , dropped valve body, reinstall new harness , new filter , new gasket and fill up with oil

I used VCDS to get oil temp and watch for oil to reach level and closed up, there is a nice right up on changing ATF oil and procedure I used - thanks to that
This was pics I took from leak of connectors at transmission.
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